Impact Of Workplace Stress Management On General Wellbeing

  • Dr. Indu Sharma, Dr. Ravindra Dey


There has been an explosion of interest in the last few years in health promotion. Such activities as stress management and others are taking place in worksites. Worksites have shown the most growth regarding their value as locations for delivering health promotion interventions. Working people may also be motivated to maintain and improve their health. In many cases companies either outsource from vendors or develop in-house programs for their employees.

These programs may vary considerably on the basis of type of format, facilities required, training of instructors and so on, and in one important area stress management may differ from all other health promotion offerings. Organizations provide a major portion of the total stress experienced by a person, due to the amount of time spent on the job, and to the demands of performance and interaction with others made by the organization. It might then be argued with some success that the workplace has a more direct effect on stress and that stress will have a more negative impact on productivity and satisfaction than other risk factors.

This study is conducted to understand the impact of workplace stress management on general wellbeing with a focus on physical wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, social wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing and cultural& religious wellbeing. With the help of stress management scale and general wellbeing scale.