Multi-Objective Multi-Period Fixed Charge Solid Transportation Problem With Externalities Using Extended Vikor Approach Under Pythagorean Fuzzy Environment

  • P.Vijayalakshmi, J.Merline Vinotha,


Transportation sector generates largest share of Greenhouse gas emissions. Spills and accidents in crude oil transportation also generate environmental damages. These are the major causes that affect human health. The externalities due to these environmental damages are not borne by the user. If firms had to pay the full social costs of moving goods by rail and truck, short and long-term changes would probably occur. In this paper focuses on the formulations of the mathematical model of multi-objective multi time fixed charge solid transportation problem with externalities .The parameters are considered as Pythagorean fuzzy number and the optimal solution is obtained by an Enhanced VIKOR method using Lingo software. The numerical example is given to validate this model.