Designing of Advance Cyber Security Solution using AI Techniques: WEBSTUXCRY

  • Namita Parati , Dr Salim Y Amdani


Now a day’s cybercrime is an most popular illegal activity executed by an malicious intentioned people or by an group of computer expert peoples with the help of internet as the use of internet is tremendously exploded. The use of worldwide web and frequent use of compute and mobile for the easiness of life leads to magnificent exposure of various cyber attacks (cyber security intrusion) that results a disastrous and grievous situation. This situation becomes a global concern to all over the world as internet is used in every field of work for eg. Medical, security offices, banks educational institution etc. Cyberspace and its related structure and components are more vicious to various security threats of both types physical and cyber threats. In our research we had find various cyber-security domain to find solutions in global standard. So it is necessary to know how to perform various transactions on the internet safely. Everyone is prone to the attack from the cyber criminals. One must be aware and should have knowledge of cybercrime. Everyday an advance technique is evolving in each domain. Our research wok is describes a brief idea the recent emerging advancement in the cyber-security domain which also covered the latest attacks that can be used by the hackers to the individual users those are using internet most regularly for every use. Rest of the paper is structured as follows: Section 1 gives a brief idea  of internet infrastructure and threats, followed by literature review section that contains various types of existing threats, then a next section was our proposed approach section followed by an conclusion and future scope section.