Fuzzy Logistics -Delay using with the subsidiary frame work.

  • Dr. Sharath Babu Khanday Rao , V.Nagaraju, R. Kedarnath Delivary B. Sridhar Reddy, Dundigal


             In many real life problems most of the times we comes across the discussion on expenditure minimization and Profit maximization. This  is the all time business algorithm to sustain in the present competitive world online or offline.   the cost of transporting  some  goods from one location  to another cannot be determined precisely with out any past background numerical data. Means every developed Transportation problems is a mathematical model may be linear or Non-linear. This may be  qualitatively studied into many reasons such as fluctions in the daily commodities like  raw materials , Lubricant materials like  Crude oil fuel prices in the international market scenario.   Daily wages of Labour, ,man power utilization, optimality utilization of man power   etc. The inexact costs can be conveniently modeled by   coining   the most importat numbered pattern called  fuzzy numbers. Thus transportation problems with fuzzy costs are of a great importance and which are reliable also in all  business fields.  Our aim here is to optimize the cost, Labour  in order to get Maximum gains as  marketing strategy is concerned.  This will be addressed by suitable logical constructed frame work with the virtue of Fuzzy sets and Fuzzy numbers.