A Framework of Video Compression and Decompression

  • Neetish Kumar, Deepa Raj


As Multimedia and communication technology is on peak nowadays and keep growing day by day, the vast and voluminous content present on the web is video data. It needs to be compressed as it is of draconian in nature if not compressed. A lot of compression techniques are developed for handling the video data. If it is keenly observed then it is found that search techniques play a pivotal role in video compression. In Video compression, apart from the search techniques, some redundancies should be exploited. Various types of redundancies are the main contents of an uncompressed video. Spatial, temporal, Statistical redundancies occur based on their nature and properties and exploited accordingly without any loss of actual information in video. Block based motion estimation serves as the backbone of video compression and the search techniques used in the block based method play a pivotal role in detecting the motion vector. The encoding of motion vector and residual results in a compressed video form. This paper elaborates on a new kind of framework, having a slightly different type of technical strategy of video compression. All the search techniques used in this paper are pentagon search for block matching motion estimation.