Applications of Hesitant fuzzy sets and FTA for selecting the best risk-based strategy for Green Manufacturing in GSC

  • Figen Yildirim, Shahryar Ghorbani, Kamrul Islam Talukder, Md Abu Hasnat , Abdur Rakib Nayeem


Currently, it is necessary for attention in the field of industry and commerce and also evaluate the ability of companies to deal with uncertainties and risks, identifying and ranking risks. Therefore, supply chain risk management is very important. Risk management is the process of identifying risk factors, evaluating them, and planning to mitigate the adverse effects of risks. One of the foremost sections of risk management is its proper assessment and it is very important due to the existence of huge risks and the necessity to optimally spend resources in the supply chain. Today world is confronted with issues such as global warming, pollution, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, etc. that can potentially lead to the extinction of mankind. Therefore, environmental conservation and related strategies have been prioritized as a major organizational innovation. Therefore the aim of this research is risk assessment in the green supply chain with hesitant fuzzy sets and FTA. The result of finding illustrates that the using environmental-friendly energy strategy is the most appropriate option for companies that want to produce green in GSC under risk.