Impact of Emotion in Sentiment Analysis of opinions expressed on Product Reviews

  • Dr. A. Abdul Rasheed


The expression of opinions of a product or service is essential to promote the business further. The electronic commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart and others are providing opportunity to the buyers to express the opinion about the product that they purchased from online. The opinions shared in such a common platform. These are helpful to the public who are intended to purchase the same product either from the same seller or from different seller. The sentiment analysis is a technique to analyse the opinion shared by the buyers to classify it as either positive or negative or neutral. There are varieties of model in existence to analyse such sentiments from the shared opinions. The research gap here is that the opinions may have bias in the sense that the opinions are expressed in due weightage of the emotional mood of the buyer. Hence, this research focuses on analyzing the opinions shared by the buyers in terms of its emotions. In support of this, a publicly available dataset is analysed and the results are showing that there is a tremendous variation between the sentiment analysis and emotion analysis of reviews.