Secured Internet of Things by Fixed-Priority Compositional Real-Time Mixed-Criticality Scheduling

  • Amjad Ali, Kyong Hoon Kim, Mohammad Faisal, Muhammad Jawad Hamid Mughal


With the increasing trend in modern embedded systems, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) uprising, real-time systems are rapidly becoming ubiquitous. Several CPS and IoT are developed using real-time mixed-criticality (MC) and compositional systems. The scheduling of Compositional frameworks offer ways for composing complex and large real-time mixed-criticality systems using independent sub-systems. In this regard, a new scheduling scheme is introduced for a real-time MC periodic tasks of a component on a uniprocessor environment. It illustrates the interface model and resource allocations for such a component. For schedulability analysis of MC component, we derived the supply assured jobs and demand assured jobs for both criticality modes i.e low and high modes of criticality. The proposed compositional scheduling system provides better solution to schedule real-time MC task sets for secured IoT