Determination of physical and chemical parameters, adulteration and hygienic status of raw milk in Thane

  • Vandana T. Bendale, R. P. Chavan


The present study was conducted to evaluate physiochemical parameters of raw milk samples sold in Thane city. Fifty samples of loose buffalo milk were collected from ten selected dairy shop of Thane. Samples were tested separately for fat, solid-non-fat, protein, acidity and specific gravity. Statistical analysis revealed significant variation for fat among different milk samples while other parameters found as per recommended standards. A simple variance analysis (ANOVA) was performed. The result of variance analysis confirmed that there was significant difference between the mean values for parameters of collected milk samples (p<0.05). The analysis concluded that only two samples were adulterated with traces of glucose while other 48 milk samples analyzed were free from adulterants like urea, starch, glucose, sugar, salt and nitrates