Solution processible new blue light emitting polymers based on 9-sila fluorenes and p-diphenylacenes

  • Jayasree Gopalakrishnan , Deepika C. Hasija , Vishwanath R. Patil


Two series of solution processible blue light emitting polymers from 9-substituted-9-silafluorenes and p-phenyl anthracene and p-phenyl tetracene were synthesized successfully. The alternate polymers derived from 9-substituted-9-silafluorenes and p-phenyl tetracene were found to have improved thermal spectral stability compared to other polymers discussed, shown by their elevated glass transition temperature, due to close crystal packing. The structural and optoelectronic characterization of the copolymers were done with NMR, FTIR, GPC, UV-Visible, Photoluminescence and Cyclic Voltammetric studies. In THF solution all these polymers showed pure blue emission with PL Λmax ranging from 430 to 457nm and with high quantum yields (up to 0.91). The electrochemical studies of the fabricated polymeric light emitting diodes show that the polymeric layer acts as good emitting materials for optoelectronic devices.