Sentiment Analysis Using Image Processing :A Survey

  • Ms.G.Sirisha, Dr.Sai Jyothi Bolla, Ms.V.Jyothsna, Ms.R.Mounica


 Images plays a medium by which everyone can share their emotions on different social networking sites. Nowadays, everybody were sharing their pictures in social related sites like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter and Flickr. Those visual content expresses emotions of users in various  internet based social media. Sentiment analysis is responsible for extracting user sentiments towards events or topics based on the large scale visual content on the social networking sites such as Twitter, so that prediction of an image is done easily.

Convolutional Neural Network is simply termed as CNN  and is considered as a part of artificial neural networks that visualizes the images properly . Convolutional Neural Networks consists of multilayer perceptron which are proposed for the preprocessing with minimum requirements. CNNs makes use of very little preprocessing when compared with any other existing image classification algorithms. Several technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning etc. can be extremely used in the context of  sentiment analysis .In this paper, a significant survey have been conducted to predict the sentiment analysis of visual content on the social media using Deep Learning techniques.