Personality and Crisis Management

  • Dr. S. Sasi Kumar, Sajan M. George


If the leader is not the one with a vision, who prepares specifically to face eventualities, then be sure the organization is heading to its natural death. Crisis management is something that every organization today has to take care. This crisis may occur due to the fast changing political scenario or due to any natural disaster or of any other issues. More than ever, today, there is a social media that can take things beyond proportion which can either easily damage the good will of the product or it can enhance the same. So every leader must be prepared for anything that can happen in the process by way of crisis. Though there are different types of crisis, solutions to most of them could be basically the same, except for those that have individual characteristics. In the face of crisis, new dimensions to the organization do take place. Of late there is a staunch desire to have better decision making in the organization especially in the phase of crisis. So efficient leaders with good personality, who can manage crisis are in strong demand in the organizations. In this article therefore there is an effort made, first to understand personality and crisis. It is followed by an understanding on personality traits to manage crisis like patience, excellent communication, capacity to connect with others, flexibility, belief, show interest in others, listen, sound judgment, empathy, be unbiased, skills to lead, sincerity, resolve problems, acclimatize, being helpful, macro-management, responsibility, optimism, cordiality and coordination. Finally the article concludes with a statement saying that a well-developed personality is the requirement to manage crisis. When one has personality that is adaptable, adjustable and acceptable, one has it all. And one will be able to take the organization through even in crunch situations.