Covid-19: A Qualitative Study from Shelter Homes

  • Dr. Bani Narula, Shefali Midha


The ubiquitous nature of COVID-19 is not only fragmenting the physical dimensions but is also pulverizing the mental health. It is relatively simple to understand the psychological status of people belonging to middle and higher socio-economic status due to their easy accessibility and awareness but it is quite burdensome to access and reach the people with low socio-economic status. Today, insufficient financial resources have forced thousands of migrant workers to move barefoot in order to reach their places,which also took a toll on their psychological health. Various government headed shelter homes have been temporarily set up to provide a place for migrants to reside in. For the purpose of the present study, people residing in shelter homes were interviewed to gain access to their present psychological status amid COVID-19. Both males and females comprised the data with a sample size of 21. Content analysis was used to interpret and unfold the data. Various themes emerged which overall suggested stress and helplessness among people.