Optimization of operating parameters in wire EDM process of Al6061 SiC metal matrix composites using Ant Colony Algorithm

  • S.K. Rajesh Kanna, N. Lingaraj, P. Sivashankar, L.Saravanan, Venkatapathy raju, Vignesh.S


The Objective is to optimize input EDM parameters to enhance maximal material removal rate with excellent surface finish of Al6061-SiC MMC for lesser tool wear rate through Ant colony algorithm. 90 % of Al-6061 and 10 % Silicon Carbide MMC were used for the study. Experimentation were conducted on EDM by considering the pulse-on-time, current and pulse-off-time to get enhanced surface roughness, higher material removal rate with lesser tool wear rate by using Ant colony algorithm. Fitness function were formulated by using Minitab software based on L27 array obtained by the experimentation. Sensitivity analysis has to be performed to set the control parameters for ACO. Thus the performance of ACO will be as expected. MRR has increased with increase in supply current, pulse on time and decreased with increase in pulse off time. As the supply current increases, discharge energy pulses increases and thereby increases heat flux, which will melt the metal at higher rate. Thus more materials removed from the surface. Similarly by increasing pulse on time for extended time, increases the heat flux. Thus by the experimentation, it is proved that the supply current has predominant effect over the MRR in WEDM of aluminum metal matrix composites. The error value obtained by comparing the experimental and algorithm values is well below 0.05, which is in the acceptable level. Thus the developed model is performing in the satisfactory way and can be used for the optimization of the multi objective EDM process parameter optimization. ACO algorithm can be best suitable in yielding optimal values for multi-objective problems with constraints satisfaction. Other input parameters of EDM can also be considered for better real-time machining performances.