PRBS Generator using FinFET

  • R.Pooja1, N.Padmapriya, N.Minesh Kanna Ram, S.Gokul, C.Saravanakumar


To design a PRBS (Pseudo Random Binary Sequence) Generator using FinFET modules to obtain better performance of the system with reduced power consumption and less current dissipation in the circuit. The 45nm-FinFET modules are used for simulation purposes and are being downloaded from the standard modules of PTM. PRBS generator circuits constructed by using FinFET modules are simulated using the LTSPICE tool platform and the outputs are studied in the digital format that provides a random sequence of output bits for the provided inputs.  In the current system PRBS generators are constructed with the use of CMOS technology that has more power consumption and high current dissipation through the circuit. This can be overcome by FinFET modules that have a Double-Gate structure that would reduce the leakage current through the circuit as both the gates can be controlled independently. Simulation by using FinFET modules also has a low power consumption due to the reduction of transistors in the circuit design than the current CMOS technology. The areas of Cryptography and Data Encryption/Decryption are extemporized by the implementation of the PRBS generator using FinFET devices. It is essentially provided as input for testing VLSI systems.