Statistical analysis of COVID-19 in India Using R

  • K.Thrilochana Devi, T.Lakshmi Praveena, K.Lohitha Lakshmi, T.Sireesha


Today the entire world is echoing with a buzzword Corona, the COVID-19, originated in Wuhan city of China which is conquering the world like a forest fire .World Health Organization (WHO) declared the corona virus epidemic a pandemic. COVID-19 cases are increasing fast in India so the analysis and prediction of COVID-19 becoming important. Objective of this paper is to analyze the impact of COVID-19 in India using R language. R language is a statistical language and tool for computing statistical problems and visualization. R comprises various analytical and visualization tools for data manipulation, calculation, graphical display. The result of this analysis can serve the purpose of general people, researchers, predictors, and scientists.