Relative Investigation on Exploring Enterprise Blockchain of Kaleido, Azure Clouds and Deployment of Smart Contract

  • ShaikMulla Almas, K. Kavitha, Y. Rajesh, B. Arun Kumar


Even though the Cloud computing technology is emerging since a decade and well establish, there are some challenges present. Where some of the primary challenges can overcome by integrating cloud computing with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is a emergent technology which enables new form of decentralized software architectures, where distributed components can reach concurrence on shared system states without trusting a centralized integrated point. Blockchain as a service (BAAS) provides a blockchain service over cloud computing environments like network deployment, system monitoring, smart contract analysis and testing. By these services the developers can focus on business code that is to explore more on how to apply blockchain technology more appropriately to their business scenarios, without bothering much about maintance and monitoring of the system. Where cloud-based IT-partner manages all required tasks and activities to maintain the infrastructure to be healthy. Ethereum supports the Quorum protocol explicitly for private transactions and to build Enterprise blockchain. In this paper, enterprise blockchain of Kaleido, Azure clouds were built and deployed a Smart Contract as well, for the very first time. Work is done to compare, analyse user interface and block explorer of Azure and Kaleido blockchain environments.