A Novel Method to Detect Phishing URLs Using Deep Learning Algorithms

  • Dr. Kalavathi Alla, Dr. Sai Jyothi Bolla, Mr. Natukula Sai Kumar


Data Analytics plays a vital role in cyber security analysis. Secure browsing has become a great task in today’s world of technology. The most common means for internet crimes these days is the phishing which is a method of trying to gather personal information or crash a system using deceptive websites. Therefore here is a solid inspiration to create foundation response to prevent the customer from visiting such deceptive web destinations. This paper proposes a learning based model approach that categorizes the web destinations into three categories Benign, Malicious and Malware just through the structural analysis of Universal Resource Locator (URL) without getting into the web content of that location. This approach thus can be a more secure one as it does not access the web content and also a has a less latency. It thus dispenses with run-time stagnation and the chance to pose bugs to the program-based clients. The service URLs are isolated into three classes as follows: