Web Based Geo Processing Workbench

  • M. Manosatvik, Tanveer Ahamed, S.Vasavi, Md. Meera Durga Mastan


Data Processing is an important technique that helps in visualizing and analysis of complex data. Geospatial data helps to identify key changes in the Earth ecosystem. Traditional methods of geospatial data processing require desktop applications with high processing power systems and high learning time.  Our aim is to develop an open-source, web-based Data Processing, Visualization and Analytic interface to explore geospatial data with JavaScript coding, Interface and Code Editor Features such that complex geospatial workflows are made user friendly. We used the Python’s micro framework Flask for server, jwt for authentication and the openlayers.js for visualizing geospatial data in a web browser, turf.js for client-side geospatial analysis and geo pandas for server-side geospatial data analysis. Using web based GIS saves a lot of time and processing power and the data is accessible anywhere over the network.