Geospatial Based Thunder Storm Alert System

  • Chiruhas Bobbadi, Davuluru.S.V.N.S.S Anudeep, S. Vasavi,C. Harikiran


In recent years, natural calamities and disasters have increased day by day and people have suffered the consequences of them, one of the primary reasons being the unavailability of proper information which can be reached to people. GoogleMaps is growing rapidly due to the rise in devices that can take advantage of geospatial information, namely GPS enabled devices. The universality of handheld computing devices has been found to be especially efficient and effective in conducting disaster management and relief operations, so an application is in need which can alert users when there is a natural calamity in their vicinity so the users of that application can take appropriate measures to save themselves and reduce the dependence on search and rescue teams during a calamity because their expertise can be used elsewhere, such an application eliminates the need for rescue because the users are provided with alerts if they are in a calamity zone, so users can be aware of the danger they are in and take necessary measures. The natural calamity focused here is thunderstorms and lightning. The use of Smart phones has skyrocketed among people and developing an application that stays in the very mobile they use daily and also serves alerts people is a total lifesaver for many people, Andhra Pradesh State Disaster Management Authority (APSDMA) wants to provide this service over a Smart phone application. If the user is in a possible area of thunder strikes, this application can alert the user. This app provides alerts based upon the data provided by APSDMA.