Online Newsletter Generator Using PHP MySQL Database

  • Sreenithi N, Sheeba A, Ms.Vilasini V


The conventional hard-copy newsletters have been around for ages. But, as days progress, e-newsletters are the ones in trend because of their significant advantages over their conventional counterparts. Right from data collection to the deployment and the numerous changes involved after publishing the newsletter, e-newsletters are much easier to deal with. Also, it saves printing overheads, reaches a larger audience and is comparatively more portable. This paper adds to the overall understanding of new media adoption in general and the promotion of the e-newsletter in particular by empirically studying the preferencesof the potential users by means of a poll.This work focuses on overcoming the setbacks of the traditional hard-copy newsletter and paves way for a better and more efficient way of collecting and organizing data for future issues of the newsletter. It also focusses on obtaining data from the database in a PDF format. The e-newsletter is converging print and online media with the best from two worlds, i.e. the overview and familiar design of the printed edition and the interactivity and continuous updates of the web.