Mining Hidden Knowledge Effecting Pregnant Women having Diabetis with PMI

  • Pavani Nallamothu, Silpa Chaitanya Prathipati, Jeevana Jyothi Pujari, Rajesh Kodamala


Since 10 years research over assessment investigation and conclusion mining was advancing easing back and developing generally with more prominent points of view and goals. Feeling investigation is a significant errand so as to pick up bits of knowledge over the enormous measures of sentiments that are produced every day. This investigation depends on the assessments made by the people. These sentiments are text, might be sure or negative or an expression which offers hugeness to the specific circumstance. Likewise these feelings have the intensity of communicating the setting other than hauls the consideration of new people. Communicating such assessments ranges from reports level, to the sentence level, to state level, to word level and to uncommon image level. All these feeling types are marked with normal name Sentiment Analysis. Assessment Analysis is medicinal services is advancing barely with more extensive examination strings. This paper for the most part centers in recognizing Sentiments in social insurance. These opinions can be clinical test esteems which might be numeric and ostensible; at times in text as well. Such assessments are related to pre-discontinuity of informational collection and Pointwise Mutual Information measure. To achieve this information of hypertensive pregnant ladies is thought of.