Review On Security And Privacy Preserving Techniques In Smart Grids Using Blockchain

  • Jeevan Babu M, Siva Prasad P, J Madhu Babu


Blockchain took the world of computing by storm because it is immutable and decentral. Now, Blockchain is a one-stop solution for many domains to find solutions for their underlying problems. One such domain is Smart Grids, where different users called prosumers can produce the energy through renewable resources and consume the energy through household appliances. These prosumers share their energy consumption data with the miners to add them as a block in Blockchain. Even though, Blockchain offers stealth security for the blocks in Blockchain, the security and privacy of prosumers energy consumption data is a major concern. In this paper, different security and privacy techniques are discussed based on a common architecture diagram and block structure. A comparison among these techniques is also presented based on different attributes on the scale of performance, security and scalability.