Cad For Lung Disease Detection Using Machine Learning Mechanism

  • D.Deepthi, P.Sudhakar, G.Rama Devi, K.Naga Gopi


Computer Aided diagnosis (CAD) play an important role in Automatic Segmentation of different anatomical structures in the Chest Radiograph (CXR).This paper work aims at Segmentation of lung portion from CXR using a deformable Active shape model with adaptive technique, since most of the abnormality in chest radiograph can be diagnosed by analysing the lung boundary shape. After Segmentation, feature extraction is done using the combination of Gray level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM) and Gabor feature towards take out the characteristics to analyse the lung abnormality gives improved accurateness whilst compare to GLCM alone. The Lung metaphors are confidential the same as regular or atypical by use maintain Vector appliance Classifier using the features extract.