Rating Engine Performance Of Used Vehicles By Using Multiple Linear Regression

  • Dr. N. Lakshmi Prasanna, Mrs. N. Rajeswari, Ms. V. Sai Vaishnavi,Mr. K. Sanjeevaiah


Estimating engine performance of used auto mobile vehicles needs a lot of investigation by experts of the field. They considers variables like manufacturer, body-style, num-of-stroke cycles, year of registration, current mileage, power at RPM, turnover of maximum torque, engine power. This article proposes a multiple linear regression model that estimates performance of engine and assigns a rating to it. Only the factors which have strong influence on engine performance is involved in this model. After generating model, it is tested with training data. Accuracy levels of model generated is also calculated. A systematic approach with high accuracy levels is proposed for assigning a rating to engine performance which will be helpful for used vehicle buyers.