A Concurrency Monitoring And Controlling Approach For Distributed Heterogeneous Datasets Using Link Adaptive Mechanism

  • P. Lakshman Kishan Kumar Reddy, Sudarsan Reddy, Krishna Prasad, Mohan Krishna


In general data streaming across the networks have demanded the network administrators to control and monitor the data in a secure way. This has driven the users to focus on different data sets at different levels of networking group. There were different approaches’ developed to handle the data streams in the network but they could not able to focus on controlling the data at node level. In this regard a mechanism called “Link Adaptive” is implemented across the networks where rate controlling of data is minimized. The variability of resource allocation has been handled effectively in this regard. The heterogeneous data in this context of rate controlling is better handled through availability factor of each resource at node level rather than on network level. This will really enhance the adaptive rate controlling (variable data rate) of data stream in huge way.