Efficient and consistent Data-propagation in Low Duty Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Karthika J, Abinayaa S S and Rajkumar M


Recently data-propagation is an important operation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Data propagation is to pass data packets to the nodes in the network and they enquire about the events. Implementing with efficient and consistent data propagation is a challenging task. In this paper, efficient and consistent data propagation is achieved by reducing the time and message cost in low duty-cycle WSNs. The performance degradation occurs due to data propagation in low duty cycle WSN which is not feasible within the specified time. The proposed centralized dynamic and distributed solution improves the efficiency of data-propagation. The low duty cycle strategies are achieved by centralized dynamic solution and the consistent and scalable broadcast service can be achieved by the distributed solution. Both the solutions are evaluated using different configurations. The above results shows that the consistency of data propagation in distributed solution requires only less message and time cost. Also, it can resist the losses on network sizing and density along with high scalability.