Predict The Arrival Time Of The Bus Using Historic Data And Gps

  • V.Karthik M.Tech , K.Vasukannan , M.Logesh , C.Arvindhan , N.Naveen


On a busy morning in the urge of getting ready to board a school bus or a college bus is the only challenge a student faces, while the academic and other stuffs stands short in front of this task. He or she is always in confusion whether starting too late from home, can the bus be boarded on time by walk or it’s not possible take a vehicle to school or college. If the decision took was wrong as per that day then the student will rush up to the bus stop and come back to home by same way by walk after missing the bus which wastes much of his or her time. We are therefore intended to provide a solution by constructing an app to monitor the school bus. The project invokes the use of only mobile phones. The driver’s phone update the bus location on server then the user’s phone get the location and server provide the appropriate distance to reach the user’s location using GPS point and Historical data .It will also sent a notification when the bus start and the minimum distance of that bus reach the user’s location. With this system we can monitor the student school bus.