Identification Of Fraudulent Calls Seeking Card Using Voice Recognition And Machine Learning

  • V.Karthik M.Tech , A.Sureshkumar , S.Aravind , M.Deepak Raj , M.Gokul


In this technological era money transactions were at the tip of our finger. Single tap to send is the latest trend of the majority people. The days were gone when people stand in long queue for long hours to either deposit, withdraw or even transfer money. Increase in smartphone usage leads to the growth of app store and google play by huge margin. This leads to birth of more flexible and innovative apps and in the banking side more flexible payments. As the flexibility and usage of banking services over online increases the possibility of sensitive data theft also increases. Especially getting the card details from the people who were unwary about the banking systems and can readily give their cvv number and card details are mostly targeted. In most cases people lost their entire money that was in account , after revealing to the unknown person who impersonates him as a bank officer from head branch and he needs card details to renew the account else account will be blocked. Even though the reason seems to be humorous we have still a lot of population who seriously believes this calls and reveal the information and joins the queue of people who lost their money. We have tried to give a solution to alert the people that the call may be a fraudulent call that is trying to get their sensitive information. Thereby an attempt to safeguard sensitive information of the people