Effective Sentence Retrieval Algorithm For Question Answering System

  • Ms.D.Sharmila , Anbuselvi C, Divya L , Ranganayaki.S


Nowadays everyone around the world is trying to retrieve some records from the web. Seek engine has performed a remarkable job for retrieving information to the person from the internet. Question answering (QA) has become a famous manner for people to get entry to billion-scale expertise bases. Unlike internet search, QA over an expertise base gives out correct and concise effect, supplied that natural language questions may be understood and mapped precisely to established queries over the knowledge base. In this project we use the subset of SQuAD 2.0 Dataset. The Dataset has the document and it has retrieved the sentence by using the Top k-retrieval sentence. The proposed system retrieves the top–k sentences by using the proposed algorithm it can retrieve the sentences. In our proposed system, we are using TF based algorithm to find out the appropriatesentences.