Animals Detection Using Smart Notification Using Image Processing

  • D. Sharmila M.E , A.Sharan , C.Gandhi Rajan , N.Naveen Kumar , K. Saravana Karthi


In  India  ,  most  of  the  animals  will  be  endangering  due  to  deforestation  this  detection  method  allows  you  to  receive  rich  notifications  when  your  camera  detects  an  animal.  Mobile  notifications  allow  you  to  notify  the  situation  from  your  lock  screen  that  include  images  of  what  camera  recorded.  The  detected  animal  is  highlighted  by  the  camera  and  gives  a  buzzer  alert  in  which  the  user  can  identify  the  animals  went  out  of  the  forest.  In this article, you will find an economical way to manage this problem that prevents the death of animal accidents when you enter any village / area of the city using the trunk. Getting a clear location in the forest area along the road and sharing a cargo cell. Ensuring the protection of animals and animals prevents them from crossing the railway, and monitoring the integrity of the railway is safe.