Implementation of Folder Lock System Based on Fingerprint Authentication

  • D. H. Patil, Dhananjay Nehere, Neha Takale, Rutika Kadam, Pankaj Sharma


There are many local, state, federal levels, including private commercial companies, MNC organizations, Defense organizations, Educational institutes where people do share their machines. There is possibility that some unauthorized person may cause harm to your important and confidential data, like steal the data, copy it, modify it, delete it or do any other illegal activity. Folder Lock is one of the methods to ensure that your data remains secured and is accessible only to the authorized person. Therefore, a Secured Folder Lock system based on Biometric – Fingerprint Authentication is proposed here. Consider a Traditional existing Password Authentication system, there are many drawbacks and inconveniences related. For example say, user needs to remember password, well it is human tendency that we do forget passwords, more passwords can be guessed or broken down using numerous approaches, like Brute Force, it can be cracked using types of social engineering attacks, etc. Hence, this system replaces Password Authentication with Biometric Fingerprint Authentication. A unimodal biometric authentication proposed here try to overcome above mentioned problems, locking your data which will be stored in encrypted format, thus making it more secured and reliable.