Implementation of Cloud based Health Records Management System

  • Prof. D. H. Patil, Atharv Potpelwar, Pawan Pawar, Durgaprasad Mishra, Shital Kenjale


The health care industry has a significant advantage of storing and exchanging of Patient’s Health Records (PHRs) using cloud technology among various entities of the Health system. But still, to preserve the confidential records of patients on the cloud servers, it is permeable to afflatus and increment of request the event that methodologies make absolute privacy of the PHR.

            Therefore, we have the propensity to bend the proposed path mentioned as SeSPHR for secure access of the Health Records inside cloud. The SeSPHR gives security to the patient-centered management of the PHR’s and saves its furtiveness. Due to this, the patients can keep their encrypted data on an untrusted cloud server and share it with different selective users. For encryption and Re-encryption, the Public, as well as Private access key, is used. Moreover, this security technique secures averse executive director bluster and keeps it together to apply for backward and forward access. In addition to this, we have the propensity to bend formally explore and verify the operation of the SeSPHR technique through the HLPN. The time consumption performance analysis for the SeSPHR technique has the potential to use for sturdily sharing of the PHR’s on a different cloud.

            Put together, and we have the propensity to bend to implement as a contribution of this entire paper, time-bound and secure storage. In time-bound, the owner comes into the picture in starting and ending time after that attach and upload the encrypted files. And after all of that process, the TPA model is used to verify the PHR record, i.e., it checks if the data is hacked or corrupted. TPA also use to find out all details of a hacker if the PHR report is hacked, i.e. the contribution of TPA.