Keystroke Biometrics for User Authorization

  • Kuldeep Suresh Mohrut, Dr. Jyoti Rao, Ankita Raju Game, Rina Rajaram Patil


    In today’s world, password safety is very significant. With the increasing demand of a more secure access control in many of the today’s security and applications, traditional methods such as user Id, passwords, and PINs fail to keep our system secure because they can be lost, or forgotten. For password protection various techniques are available. There is a need of developing highly secured identification and personal verification because of the decrease in security level.

    Keystroke Dynamics is basically used to measure the typing rhythm and speed of the user, which is used for authentication of the user when the individual types on the keyboard. The dwell time and flight time are taken into consideration for changing keyboard actions. This paper gives the survey of techniques used by the researcher for authentication and abstract view of the proposed system that will improve the security of a banking system by using two authentication techniques i.e. keystroke dynamic authentication and graphical authentication