AI Based Face Recognition & Tracking for Vehicle Safety

  • Dr. S. V. Kedar, Rohan Shravage, Chetan Patil, Nikhil Vabale, Chetan Sandhanshive


AI-Based Face Recognition & Tracking for Vehicle Safety (AFTVS) is an AI-based system where face recognition authenticates the driver on top of the traditional login system which verifies the user, it provides a double layer of security for the user validation. Face detection keeps track of passengers count seating in the car where it can also detect the mood & provide song suggestions based on the mood. The system continue-sly updates the car’s current location in the database and monitors sensors for detecting possible accidental situation in real-time. In case of occurrence of the accidental situation as a precautionary action to prevent false alert, it will confirm the situation with driver with certain timeout & will send an alert by text message and email to the emergency contact. the alert message consists of details about accident location co-ordinates with nearby hospitals list. AI-Based Face Recognition & Tracking for Vehicle Safety can be efficiently used for scenarios where face-based driver verification and monitoring of passenger count, tracking of the vehicle is done in real-time constantly, it can be also used for surveillance purpose.