Smart Trolley

  • Rajeshwari Chole, Shruti Kaveeshwar , Kenny Swamy and Prof. Gitanjali S Mate


Shopping store is where everyone gets their everyday requirements. There has been a growth in request for better bill payment process. While buying, people are irritated finding goods and no help being available for them. Considering this problem, the team developed a smart cart with a mobile phone application. The paper mentions the design of an application which makes the shopping process easier for the consumer. It also gives a centralized and automatic billing structure with the usage of barcode reader using raspberry pi. Every product in the store will have a barcode, to detect its type. All shopping trolleys are installed with a Product Identification Device (PID) that consists of raspberry pi, camera. Product information will be scanned by a camera on the trolley and it is shown in mobile app which is interfaced to the system. At the billing desk, the final amount will be sent to computer by server.