Implementation and analysis of smart home devices using IOT for physically disabled person

  • Sneha A. Chendke, Saitanuja K Danaboyina, Sanyuja R. Darandale, Dr.P B.Kumbharkar


In this project, we propose a RF tag, Voice and gesture manipulated home automation system with a central controller that allows physically disabled people to operate household appliances with their own voice and gesture commands and RF tags. The developed system consists of three main parts, such as Motion Sensor, Central Controller, and Network Coordinator. The entire system is based on a wireless sensor network with a gateway to communicate with each device controlling unit, which is fixed in each room or device group. Sensor node uses raspberry pi as its main controller. Hence analysis of this smart home devices is mainly connected to this raspberry pi and also to a remote control. These devices also get operated in conjunction with other devices and remote control so that physically disabled person can easily handle it. With this approach, system shows 80-82% accuracy with gesture and voice with external noise level.