QDLIM : Question Difficulty Level Identification Model

  • Vikas Patil , Shubham Hore and Rupesh Kale


Online examinations are the most important procedure of evaluating the potential of students. The online examination taken for aiming to build the IQ level in students by giving them choices to guess the answers this will sharpen the mind of the students as they guessing the ajpkshirsagar@gmail.comnswers accurately. This will enhance the ability of the students. For students its mandatory examinations for competitive exam preparations like Placements , JEE , NEET etc. One misconception about the online exam is we will pass by just randomly guessing answers , but it’s not a good way to give exam , the future they can’t decide by only guessing the answers. The aim of our system is to make that kind of system where students can learn what the exam pattern and answers the examiner want. Our system makes use of fuzzy logic to perform the operations. The main aim of our system is to identify and categorize the difficulty level of the question which will help the students to prepare better for the examinations. System will help to categorize the difficulty according to the topic and difficulty level. Getting 100% result is our aim from this project .