A study of R language to handle and analyse big data

  • Prof.Dipali Patil, Prof.Navnath choudhari


    The paper has roughly four parts, the first gives an overview of big data and R, the second and third sections are formal ways to handle the big data using R. The last section is Ways to analyse big data using R programming. R is most widely used statistics programming language. A huge repository of terabytes of data is collected each day from modern information softwares and digital technologies. Analysis of these massive data requires a lot of hard work at multiple levels to extract information for decision making. Therefore, big data analysis is a current era of research and development. The basic objective of this paper is to explore the ways to handle of big data challenges using R, and various tools associated with it. As a result, this paper provides a platform to explore big data at several stages. Additionally, it opens a new scope for researchers to develop the solution, based on the challenges and issues of big data using R.