Construction Site Daily Updates on Schedule Monitoring and Tracking

  • Dr. D. T. Mane, Sagar Deshmukh , Shraddha Patil, Akhil Deshmukh


As we know on construction sites, there are so many things which goes on till building the whole construction hence it is not possible for constructor to go on site and check what is going on and how much of work is done, does it going according to the schedule on daily basis or no, this paper presents daily updates on monitoring and tracking of the onsite progress. In this it works on three tiers or three phases in which Engineers will be the first tier through him the process goes to the second phase that is supervisors and from him to the workers for the effective communication. This paper uses the hybrid application so that anyone can use this that is whether by an Android app or by a web application. Google firebase is used to exchange the data between different phases and to store as well.