Advanced Computer Interaction System Using Wearable(s)

  • Dahiwelkar Varun S , Chavhan Abhilash S , Jadhao Pranav M , Jadhav Rohit V and Mr. Vinodkumar H. Bhutnal


Interaction with digital systems can be done using various input devices. Handling and or controlling, accuracy or precise input and every devices speed are very different from each other as several inputs are from the natural movements such as simple hand movements. Human Computer Interactions is moving towards interfaces which are in a way really simple, easy and are natural to use and to understand, especially when compared to the more traditional and relied input devices such as mouse and the keyboards. Hand gestures are of great importance related to human and computer interactions. With the use of simple motions, directional and orientation sensors human gestures of hands can be understood. Compared to many existing interfaces, hand gestures have the advantage of being easy to use, easy to understand also really natural, and very intuitive