Predicting Cricket Score By Using Machine Learning Concepts

  • H.V Ramachandra R.R.Kamble Nidhi Koul , Kaustubh Adhav, Akshay Dixit , RutujaPakhare


Currently, there is a system which can calculate the current run rate and from it it calculates the final score of the team. It doesn’t consider the fact about the no of wickets and also where the game is being played. The problem with the current system is that it is unable to predict the score of the 2nd team and also unable to predict the win percentage This system which is developed will have 2 model in it the 1st model predict the score a team will get after playing 50 over from the current situation . The second method predicts the win percentage of both teams even before the match has started this done by player selection. We found that error in regression toward the mean classifier could be a smaller quantity than Naïve mathematician in predicting match outcome has been sixty-eight ab initio from 2-15 overs to ninety-one until the top of 42th over.