Intelligent Traffic Control System for Ambulance Tracking Using RFID

  • Shruti Pillai , Rohini Kamble, Akshata Waghmare , Pooja Ghuge , Mrs.Amruta Hingmire


Unique—Existing wasteful light administration causes different issues like long deferral and misuse of energy.To upgrade intensity, requiring some serious energy period traffic information as partner input and powerfully changing the light length therefore might be a should. As far as an approach to progressively adjust traffic signs' length, the work which is already present either divide the traffic light in equivalent length or concentrate limited traffic information from the significant information. During this paper, we tend to consider an approach to choose the traffic signs' length upheld the gathered information from entirely unexpected RFIDs and vehicle Tags. We tend to propose a profound fortification model to deal with light. Inside the model, we tend to measure the convoluted traffic situation by gathering information using RFID once vehicle watch then straight off proselyte signs to unpracticed and elective aspect signals into red. around then we tend to conjointly illuminate free auto collisions photographs with area exploitation Haversine recipe, and conjointly for medical clinics. Exclusively free drivers get warnings World Health Organization pretty much the mishap place. Test results show that our framework work with productivity