Predicting Tags for Stack Overflow Questions Using ClassifierPaper Title

  • Mrunal Metkar, Nidhi Vyas, Jagriti Mishra, Vaishali M. Barkade


The competence of online educational platform depends on the user’s experience that he/she experiences on using same platform. Hence it is the basic requirement to form a system which takes in user’s interest into account when posting content online on the platform. Online platforms suchas Geeks for Geeks, Quora, Reddit and Stack Exchange have huge amount of data in terms of questions and answers postedby users. Large-Scale datasets are available by these websites which can be used as a input for designing a tag prediction system. We are using stack_overflow_tag_prediction dataset. A question in Stack Overflow contains four segments ID, Title,Body and Tags. By using the text in the title and body our system will predict the tags for the questions. These predicted tags are extremely important for the proper working of Stack Overflow.