Cloud Resource Optimizer and Recommendation System: A Survey

  • Shweta Deshmukh, Sayali Borade, Swanand Barsawade, Rani Potdar, Vaishali Barkade


The use of Cloud Computer service provides a great deal cost benefits for both businesses and customers. The young firms gets profit from these benefits. At present sometimes this never work for inner IT framework. Although, the expenses related to cloud based facilities are quite excessive as many of these can be used in a right manner. So there is the need for system that can provide the most cost effective solution efficient use of cloud assets so that it decreases expenses of the framework in personal clouds (private clouds). Clouds are independent, for example, Amazon and Google. As this large enterprises invest multimillion dollars for purchasing the cloud framework. Our paper presents an overview for variety of strategies are utilized by analysers used for price decrement program an idea is that system will help in decreasing the expenses of cloud-based framework along with deciding the workload behaviour in EC2 nodes.