Understanding the MANET Security Using Various Algorithms and Types

  • Ningthoujam Chidananda Singh, Dr.Avinash Sharma


Ad hoc networks are used in wireless equipment and are the primary networks that those machines use for their connection. The network is also known as MANET, an acronym for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. These are used to establish a network system in wireless electronically operated equipment like mobile phones, laptops, etc. Networks like these are capable of maintaining themselves, are fully dynamic and temporary, but on the negative part, they are very much prone to various security attacks. Security has always been a major problem for wireless networks like that of the ad hoc and other similar networks, because they are an open medium, and are less dependent on related algorithms. As much as we depend on these kinds of networks, we must also keep in mind that there is a high risk of malfunctioning in such networks. There are frequent attacks that take place and put the network at great risk. It also puts your data to risk as well. But that doesn't stop any of us from using the technology and the network that comes with it for almost the entire day. Our lives are incomplete without the technology of any or all kinds and here, we are going to discuss one of the most important aspects of technology – the wireless network. In the following article, we will discuss the working and efficiency of the defense mechanism that is being used to fight the security issues in the network. We will also discuss the simulation that has been used and the results that it has produced, which will support the efficiency and effectiveness of the new and modified algorithm.