Visual Cryptography

  • Deepak Choudhary, Anurag Bhardwaj, Dr.Sachin Sharma


Data security has been became an indispensable thing in today’s world. Data are characteristics or information, data is sometimes said to be transformed into information when it is viewed in context or in the past analysis. The fear of data theft is become more concern at mostly associate to image. In addition Image’s can be easily tempered. In our research we presents 2 schemes to hide information in image which divides secret image into multiple layers. Each layer has holds some information. Visual Cryptography, the share image are set up to contain relevant image. By using concept we extend it into a visual  variant of k out of n secrete (k-n)-Visual Cryptography. Here we present 2 scheme to separately share that can be essentially used to protect the information set. Our first scheme is (3-3)-enhanced Visual Cryptographic Scheme by using the key of encryption. The other scheme is (2-3)- Visual Cryptographic Scheme also use the key of encryption nevertheless it decreased the bandwidth requirement or increase accuracy. In the report will discuss the scheme with analysis of its implementation both subjective and objective.