Integrated Security Mechanism For Smart Applications using Feedback And Blowfish Cryptosystem

  • Pinjala Praveen Kumar, Santosh Kumar Sharma, Bonomali Khuntia


To make secure data communication in smart devices there is need to setup secure Information theory, optimal coding for error control andĀ  cryptography technique which is consider as the three major pillar of network and data security. In this paper two different techniques are incorporated for encrypting the data in efficient way to accomplish the future demand of security technology using integrated security services. In recommended system specifically data layer security is provided using excessive cipher feedback and blowfish cryptography technique. By combining these two different techniques more powerful security system is created which work is to stop the different types of cyber-attacks and deploy the multiple hurdles against the malicious users. This security system is free to use in every application except commercial use and satisfy the major challenges to provide the secure data communication. While briefing proposed system will work as a collective security approach to handle diverse types of cyber threats.