Sensory Evaluation, Acceptability and Proximate Analysis of Bambusa blumeana as Bamboo Shoot Cupcake: A Product Development

  • Francisca A. Tamayo and Paul Angelo A. Tamayo


With the numerous studies pertaining to bamboo shoot utilization, little have been explored on the incorporation of the bamboo shoot on baked goods. This study was aimed at developing a processed bamboo shoot into cupcake along with its sensory evaluation and acceptability among consumers as well as its proximate analysis. The researchers have utilized experimental design for the four treatments employed. Respondents were purposively selected to evaluate the products utilizing sensory scale for the color, texture and taste and 9-point hedonic scale for the acceptability of the product. The results have showed that treatment 2 was the most acceptable among all other treatments with a mean value of 7.95, interpreted as like very much. It was preferred to be as color brown, a texture of neither smoot nor rough and moderately pronounced bamboo shoot flavor for taste with a mean value of 3.15,3.2, 2.8 respectively. The proximate analysis was tested at the Department of Science and technology -Food and Nutrition Research Institute Taguig City having 7.84% moisture, 14.85% crude fat, 1.73% crude protein, 0.72% ash, 0.54% crude fiber and 74.32% carbohydrates. Thus, the incorporation of shredded bamboo shoots into cupcakes is widely acceptable among its consumers and can be good source of health alternative snacks for children.