Improving Students Writing Skill through Inquiry-based Reading of Newspapers

  • Muhammad Ajmal , Musharraf Ashraf , Afzal Khan, Dr. Tribhuwan Kumar, Dr. Venkanna Nukapangu


The present study is the investigation of the impact of reading newspaper on writing skills of the students at University of Lahore, Pakistan. The main objective of the study is to examine whether newspaper reading affects students’ academic performance and writing skills and to know whether there was difference between the writing skills of students who did reading and who did not. Quantitative research design followed by experimental research was adopted for the current study. The participants were selected from BS English students enrolled in first semester by simple random sampling. The data was collected through pre-test, post-test and profile assessments. Participants were divided into two groups with equal number of 30 participants, experimental group (treatment was provided to it) and controlled group (no treatment was provided to it). The research was consisted on three sessions (pre-test, reading and profile assessments and post-test). The data was analyzed by putting it into SPSS by independent sample t-test. Based on data analysis, it had been observed that extensive reading of the newspaper had a positive impact on students’ writing performance.